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Digital Branding Consultant



I'm Tyronica

I'm a visual learner. I discovered this in high school when I would take a test I would read the question and in order for me to answer the question easily I would reference visuals of my notes or something my teacher wrote on the board. I could see the answer "clear as day", literally. 
I've also been a dancer my whole life, so again me being able to express myself to others with the visual of my body movements was fun and therapeutic. My first semester of college I took a graphic design course, photography and calligraphy...I was pursuing a graphic design career; not sure what made me discourse.  
As I got older ( made it into my thirties ) I started creating businesses for myself and a big part of advertising and marketing are visual aids. I became quite good at it naturally and enjoyed combining images and music together. My cousin offered me a free marketing course that took my hobby to the next level with knowledge (forever grateful) as these became skills that not only increased my personal business endeavors but put me in the position to offer my increased skills to my friends and family who needed help with their businesses. 
Here I am, a "professional" offering my services to help build up smaller and Start-up businesses.
I'm just giving back what was given to me.


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